Nebraska Coalition for Lifesaving Cures

Our Mission: The Nebraska Coalition for Life Saving Cures promotes, supports and advocates for research to advance our quality of life and our economy.

Our Vision: Leading society to understand and embrace the importance of scientific research.


In 2000, a small group of individuals came together to form a not-for-profit, membership-supported organization called Nebraskans for Research (NFR). The purpose of the group was to provide a positive voice in support of the continued development of medical research and stem cell research in Nebraska.

In 2007, philanthropist Richard “Dick” Holland helped form the Nebraska Coalition, combining a group of business, education and community leaders with the members of Nebraskans for Research and taking the name Nebraska Coalition for Lifesaving Cures.

During the lifetime of both organizations members have worked hard to fend off efforts in both the state legislature as well as the University of Nebraska Board of Regents to endanger the freedom of research in Nebraska.


Nebraska Cures has thrived for two decades, fighting back repeated attempts to change both state law and University of Nebraska policy to restrict biomedical research.  Our success has protected critical research that will save lives.

The health disparities of the pandemic and the spread of health science misinformation have spotlighted the need for our organization to take on an expanded role in health science communication and advocacy.  Expanding our work will allow us to take action on the most urgent health science needs of our community, such as educating Nebraskans about vaccines, clinical trials, and the need for more diversity in research.  At the same time, we will continue to educate about biomedical research and the false promises of unregulated stem cell therapies.


  • As the leading advocate for health science research and education that advances quality of life, Nebraska Cures will educate the public on research advancements that could lead to lifesaving cures, stop the spread of disease, support the economy and lead to a healthier Nebraska.
  • As a trusted source of health science information, Nebraska Cures will educate the public on sound science, increase science literacy, and challenge health-related misinformation.
  • As an advocate for the development of new and diverse leaders in health science professions, Nebraska Cures will support emerging professionals, educators and students through grants, awards, and mentoring.

NCLC Timeline

Board of Directors


David Crouse, PhD


Judy Haecker


Lynne Boyer


Jean Jeffrey


Amanda McGill Johnson

Executive Director