• Parkinson’s disease and stem cells

April 2015 E-news

Brazilian researchers announced progress toward the use of implanted stem cells as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. - PsychCentral

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March 2015 E-news

A new biotech startup, Semma Therapeutics, announced that it seeks to fight diabetes via translating technology from the lab of Doug Melton at Harvard to the clinic. - The Niche

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  • stem cell research in Nebraska

February 2015 E-news

Fourteen years ago, during the darkest moments of the "stem­cell wars" pitting American scientists against the White House of George W. Bush... - MIT Technology Review

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  • stem cell research funding in Nebraska

January 2015 E-news

The Nebraska Coalition for Lifesaving Cures released the results of a poll indicating that a majority of Nebraskans support embryonic stem cell research overall, and specifically they support it...

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  • stem cell research

November 2014 E-news

The first embryonic stem (ES) cell trial for severe heart failure is launching now in Paris. - Bioscience Technology

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  • supporting stem cell research in Nebraska

October 2014 E-news

Scientists are reporting the first strong evidence that human embryonic stem cells may be helping patients. - NPR

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  • adult stem cells

September 2014 E-news

Stem Cells: plenty of hope, but halting progress. - The New York Times

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  • Australian Zebrafish stem cells

August 2014 E-news

Australian researchers studying zebrafish have made one of the most significant ever discoveries in stem cell research. - The Guardian

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  • Dawson Kurtzberg stem cell research

July 2014 E-news

Duke launches large, debated stem cell trial for Autism - The Niche

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  • Jim Fagin NCLC

December 2013 E-news

UNMC lost one of its biggest supporters this week with the death of Jim Fagin. - UNMC Newsroom

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  • stem cell research

October 2013 E-news

Medical researchers are concerned that people are falling for counterfeit stem cell treatments despite the fact that these 'therapies' have not yet been proven. - Nature World News

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  • Nebraska Medicine

August 2013 E-news

The University of Nebraska Medical Center has been selected as one of 11 medical centers in the country participating in a novel study using adult stem cells as a treatment for patients. - UNMC

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