Even if you were first in line to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines, you probably know people who are hesitant to get one. When talking to these friends and loved ones about the vaccines, here are a few tips:

  – Avoid confrontation; find a common ground if possible (everybody wants to stay healthy; nobody wants to harm others) 

  – The goal it so connect and inform. Don’t try to impress with your “knowledge.”

  – Always base your response on the best available facts and not uncredited Facebook posts.

  – “Be economical in expression and precise in thought” ~ Dr. Fauci advice. Say only what needs to be said.

  – Be transparent – tell the whole truth – admit not knowing if that is the situation.

– Know your audience (relationship to you; age; knowledge about the subject; politics; etc.).

  – Try to avoid being political. (This can be hard, but do your best!)

Links to trusted sources of information can be found on our COVID-19 Vaccine Facts post.