By Elly Vo, Community Outreach Intern & High School Senior

On Tuesday, June 29th, Amanda and I visited Dr. Angela Pannier’s lab at UNL. We got the chance to watch so many young scientists in action and saw a lot of (expensive!) pieces of lab equipment. (A picture will be included!) While visiting her lab, I could not help but be in awe of the work these scientists were conducting. Nanoparticle research, enhancing gene delivery, and various other projects that I could not comprehend took place in her lab. Although I could not grasp the concepts behind their work, I ended our visit there with a newfound understanding of how a real life lab works. It was quiet at times, but all the people there dedicated hours of their time  doing  tedious work pipetting over and over again! As a student wanting to go into biomedical sciences, it was a wonder to witness this for the first time.

Dr. Pannier showed Amanda and me all the various aspects of her new lab building that she moved into recently, even her women in science lego collection!

She shared with us all the details behind grant funding, lab sustainability, lab team relationships, and more! I learned so much more in a one hour visit than I could ever have imagined. We spent an exhilarating time there, and I can’t wait for another visit!